Lobo Larsen Buceo is located in Puerto Madryn city, just on the shore of the Golfo Nuevo clear waters. Our company was built by diving professionals counting on great experience in this field and they created their own project with a young eye over the evolution of the recreational diving in Argentina. At our Diving Center, the owners will be there for you so you can find that what you need for the safe and funny practice of diving. Professionalism and team spirit describe the environment where work every day. We intend that every immersion is unforgettable. You’ll be surprised by the clear and gentle waters that come to our shores, not just because of a great variety of fish, moluscs, sponges, cnidarians, arthropods, etc; but most of all because of the marine mammals you may find here: Sea lions, Sea Elephants, Southern Right Whales, Dusky Dolphins, Orcas Every immersion opens a new window to a wild world, where Nature will astonish you with every specie observed.


Marcelo O. Gutierrez Corral

PADI Diving Instructor #181633
Emergency First Response Instructor
Professional Diver P.N.A.#0987
Explosive Diver
Special Zone Captain
Responsible Diver  - Owner



+54 0280 447-0277
+54 0280 451-6314