Snorkeling with single-fured sea lions at the Natural Reserve of Punta Loma, Puerto Madryn, is a MUST DO if you visit our city. An stable population of around 600 single-fured sea lions live at Punta Loma all year long. We will reach the place after a 30 minutes very interesting boat trip enjoying the particular patagonic landscapes. Be prepared to live an unique experience. Be prepared for endless fun. We will be in water snorkeling with sea lions for 45 minutes, maximum time allowed for the Authority of Punta Loma Natural Reserve.This activity is carried out all year long as the sea lions colony is stable.

Snorkeling with Sea Lions Specialty: Free Training

Our Diving Center has created the Specialty of Snorkeling with Sea Lions which has been certified for PADI, the world's leading scuba diver training organization. How do we train you? We will provide you with manual available both in paper and an app for Smart Phones or Tablets. On the scheduled day for the excursion, we will watch a 5 minutes video through which you will be able to visualize all that you already read on the manual or the app. Once the video has finished, our instructor will give you a full theory. We are ready to get dressed and to get on the boat! Once We have arrived to Punta Loma, you will put in practice everything that you read and heard. Our main goal is that the maximum 8 people group is able to put in practice a true team work. This technique will help us to move in a tidy way which is extremely important to make the animals feel safe to approach to us.

Snorkeling with sea lions video


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