Within the special services that Lobo Larsen offers you, we have available one of the best inventions for snorkeling or scuba diving in cold waters. With our dry suits, you’ll be completely warm and comfortable in waters that during winter times the temperature can descend to the 8ºC. Many people get worried about extreme cold temperatures that may happen during winter time in our place, but this is no longer something to worry about since you can use our dry suits.

We combine 3 clothes: We will provide you a thermal T-Shirt, you will bring a pair of socks and your underwear.

We will also provide you with a polar fleece jumpsuit that will keep you very warm.

Over these clothes, we wear the dry suit. Everyone is assisted so the cuffs perfectly fit the wrists and neck, in this way we avoid water entering inside the suit.

Once we have all our dry equipment on, we are ready to enjoy our adventure in a completely dry and warm way! This service is optional and has an additional prize. Ask!


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